Our Culture

We love what we do. The team at Appelrouth, Farah & Co., P.A. is in the business of helping people, whether it’s giving tax advice, business advice, or helping you navigate sensitive personal, financial, and family matters. We are committed to solving clients’ problems creatively and with integrity so they can enjoy their family, their lives and the fruits of their labor. We strongly believe in building relationships, clear communication, ongoing education, and actively supporting our community.

Our Values

We live and breathe accessibility. We do so by listening and then acting on what our clients, and our employees, need. Cell phones are not private numbers at our firm. Our partners are accessible to every employee and every client; call us in the morning, and if you need us in the afternoon or evening we’ll be there.

We all have something to contribute to the world around us. Every member of our team is involved in volunteering their time and energy to our community organizations and public institutions, be it while serving on boards of directors, in our places of worship, or running marathons for charity.

We live for the coming generations’ successes. That’s why the firm has created the CPE Lecture Series. It’s why our staff has open access to our partners. It’s why we’re passionately committed to personal growth.

Professional Development
Our firm ranks professional development at the top of our list for all of our team members. We promote development through continuing education and through hands-on experience as well. Furthermore, our partners and managers encourage all our team members to join networking groups to improve their networking skills and build relationships.

Friends, family, business partners– people. What more is there to life? We build relationships within our firm, through generations of the same family, through long-term friendships, and through relationships throughout Florida and around the world. The quality of any business comes down to the quality of its people, and we’re lucky to work with the staff we have. Take care of your people, and the rest will take care of itself.