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Vicky Yanes is Office Administrator and Recruitment Coordinator. Vicky initially joined the Firm as a receptionist during a brief hiatus from any management role by her own accord. However, within just a few months; she began utilizing her leadership skills and management experience and became the Firm’s Office Administrator. Her impressive background in customer service and management has been an exceptional asset to the Firm ever since.

Vicky is responsible for organizing and supervising the multitude of administrative tasks that facilitate the smooth operations of the Firm. In addition, she oversees the administrative staff in all aspects of the business, is the Firm’s Concierge to its Clientele and most recently has taken on the responsibility of Recruitment Coordinator to seek new qualified candidates at local universities within Dade and Broward County.

A native New Yorker, who considers herself a Cuban/American, Vicky moved to Miami with her family at a very young age. She attended Miami Dade Community College as well as numerous American Management Association courses in customer service and sales and marketing over the years. Prior to joining Appelrouth, Farah & Co., P.A., Vicky worked for TNT Worldwide Express as a Regional Sales and Marketing Manager and Customer Service Manager from 1993 to 2003. She also worked for DHL Worldwide Express for 10 years as a Regional Customer Service Specialist for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Vicky’s Advice for Entrepreneurs:

Customer Service is and will always be the key ingredient to any successful business in a world where technology and social media play such an aggressive role in a client’s search to seek a provider. Your business approach to attention to detail to new and existing clientele will build upon repeat business and customer loyalty. While productivity and high revenues sustain a profitable business, never forget that happy Clients and Employees are the bread and butter to any long-term relationship in the business world.

Activities of Interest:

Being a full-time working mom has been extremely rewarding and challenging for Vicky.  Compound that with a son with Autism and elderly sick parents intensifies that challenge even greater. Yet, she says finding time to enjoy life to the fullest through travel, friendships, gardening and spending quality time with her family gives her the energy to move forward.

Today, Vicky is very much involved not only with Autism Speaks but also with the Muscular Dystrophy Association as she and other members of her immediate family have been diagnosed with FSHD which a form of this debilitating muscular disorder. Vicky says that being involved with these two organizations is very rewarding for her because it allows her to share the love and sorrow with countless individuals, she crosses paths with.