We take great pride in being part of a highly diverse, multi-lingual and multi-cultural staff. As an equal employment opportunity (EEO) employer, we are proud to embrace diversity.

We have been practicing in South Florida for 30 years! The professionals that comprise our firm have experience, knowledge, expertise and skill set that are both exceptional and unsurpassed. Appelrouth Farah & Co. follows a prudent and methodical hiring process. Because we know your time is of value, we complete a comprehensive screening in order to distinguish applicants that would form a mutually beneficial working relationship and collaboration with our firm. All candidates are required to submit a resume and partake in an interview with our recruiting team. Through this process, we are better equipped to make informed and thoughtful hiring decisions, as well as helping our applicants discover the career path they are best suited for.

We currently have Florida offices in Coral Gables, Fort Myers and Key West. We are always looking for qualified candidates interested in joining our firm.