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Make Your Business More Attractive to Job Seekers

By July 26, 2021No Comments

Job seekers are in the driver’s seat of the post-pandemic job market as many businesses across the U.S. are frantically searching for workers. Demand for labor, especially skilled labor, is outpacing supply. If your business is searching for new workers, here are some suggestions for tipping the scales in your favor with job seekers.

  • Offer flexibility. In the aftermath of the pandemic, a survey by CHG Healthcare, the nation’s largest privately held healthcare staffing company, found that 54% of respondents wanted a hybrid in-office/work-from-home schedule. Only 9% wanted to go back to the office full time. With this in mind, look for new ways to enhance flexibility.
  • Rethink qualifications. Consider recruiting at a local high school or community college if you normally only hire workers with four-year college degrees. Identify people with a strong work ethic and capacity for learning, then establish a clear path for career growth. By providing internal mobility and transitioning current workers into new roles, your company might keep employees from jumping ship when a competitor beckons.
  • Appeal to a worker’s altruism. During the pandemic, many workers discovered that money isn’t the driving force of a purposeful life. The Harvard Business Review found that 9 in 10 workers will take a pay cut in exchange for more meaningful work. Such workers are also more likely to stay with their current employers. Consider positioning your company as a place where your workers can find a sense of purpose while also being dedicated to your company’s core values.
  • Articulate your company’s vision. Job seekers are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing the job seeker. Be prepared to talk about how your business was able to make it through the pandemic and where it’s going over the next 5 years. Find one or two areas of your business that you were able to transform from a weakness into a strength.