Appelrouth Farah & Co., P.A.’s receivership practice is composed of a team of our partners, forensic accountants and business consultants. Our partners each have over thirty years of experience in a variety of business and industry segments. Our team can step into positions of management to piece together the necessary parts of the puzzle and provide for the smooth transition of the operation of the business.

What is Receivership?

Receivership is the appointment of a person or corporation to wind up and liquidate assets, realize assets, or manage the business and affairs of a company. The powers and duties of the receiver are directed by state and federal courts.

Our forensic accountants and business consultants’ primary receivership objective is to secure physical assets, accounts, and records to protect the integrity of the assets and the business’s income stream. Their secondary objective is to establish management and procedures that protect and preserve the assets after insolvency, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or shareholder disputes.

Our Receivership Services Include:

  • Authorization, Control and Payment of Payables
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Full Accounting of all Income and Expenses
  • Full Cooperation after the Receivership Period to Continue Stabilization of On-going Operations
  • Possession and Preservation of Assets
  • Proactive Management to Establish Confidence with Existing Staff and Customers
  • Supervision and Direction of Daily Activities of the Company
  • Third Party Independent Control as a Fiduciary of the Court

The Receivership practice at Appelrouth Farah & Co., P.A. is run according to a team concept. Clients will benefit from multiple partner participation as well as a structured management team, who together maintain the complete accountability of all assets. At Appelrouth Farah & Co. P.A., our integrity and reputation for impartiality and responsibility are foremost.